Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Services, be aware of the bait and switch

Nothing more frustrating than the carpet cleaning curve ball and low ball offer that jumps faster than a basketball player in your own home, be aware that cheapest ain't always best, be smart and get quality when you pay for your carpet cleaning services.  

When looking for a carpet cleaning service and professional carpet cleaning try to be aware of the bait and switch tactic offered by some, (ensure you disclose if you have pets upfront as cost will vary for pet extraction). Please be on the look out for the Carpet Cleaning Cheaper Prices and don't always choose based on price, quality is more important so see reviews also, there are some honest cheaper priced contractors don't get me wrong but there are others that use the dreaded bait and switch. One of the pitfalls for price shopping for a carpet cleaner is the low ball offer, where they under price to get in your door and then the (bait and switch, which is a carpet cleaning industry term) I call it uncomfortable stealing. You book a carpet clean and wait home, the contractor comes looks around, and doubles, triples or more the initial price, tells you this needs detergent, this stain will cost it's worse than I thought etc.... As an example £12 - £20 for a living room when booking, then they come and charge extra for stain removal, agitation, hot water extraction and drying you end up paying £80 more than the industry prices usually, or a 3 bedroom house was £80 advertised and it's now £240, look at the margin difference! This is just plain wrong, it miss-represents the prices in the industry and may make you feeling cheated or lied to, and may challenge your finances on the spot, it may make you feel embarrassed as you budgeted this, you can even feel angry at the services and the industry (you may even think net time I will do it my self). Don't be fooled, your not alone. Always find out when searching what your getting for the price, you want full disclosure without hidden extras, if possible send pictures per room upfront so they know what the condition is? you want an all in price and any extras maybe a tip if you feel like giving one for quality of work, or your own lunch money, an up sell should only be an additional product like scotch guarding for stain protection or if you feel you want extra cleaning like kitchen tiles and grouting or maybe a rug but not what a professional cleaner has come to do. Be smart, be aware and hold them accountable to be a professional honesty service, please note for end of tenancy carpet cleaning pictures or a visit is usually a must. 


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