Carpet Cleaning D.I.Y vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning vs Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Years and years back I nearly did a D.I.Y Rug Doctor, I did however manage to use a Bissell so looking back I though lets compare my Bissell Carpet Machine Clean vs hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner or better still my D.I.Y Carpet Cleaning vs Day One as a Professional Carpet Cleaner.

It's even funny looking back to when I first hit the credit card and became a Carpet Cleaner. As a New Carpet Cleaning Company you soon realise just how green you are or as the expression goes wet behind the ears.

So I Compared the Market for myself as a Carpet Cleaner trained against a man at home with a nagging other half to get the carpet cleaned, here's my own experience. 

Having rented a Rug Doctor (filled it up and got called away I had to take it back, filled it up and raring to go) so I tried a friends Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaning Machine and thought why not give it a go, but to my frustration my D.I.Y Carpet Cleaning didn't go at all to plan. The carpet solution was limited, the Carpet Stain Removal Solution did only a few stains, drying took forever and the Bissell machine needed to be regularly filled up and emptied, two separate processes and it sticks together like Lego so very frustrating.

I got there in the end but I was knackered as it is a pull and push system, it lifted fluff into its brushes (even though I pre-vacuumed) not a bad thing it's my fluff's but so annoying, this caused a damp pile of fluff to be left on the carpet when the brushes get full and it was wet (I had no feet protectors so I had to collect the fluff and go back over the sections walked on). Was the carpet cleaner than before? No doubt, it did the job as it says on the tin so to speak, better than before around 70% maybe, not a criticism just my experience.

But because I was not aware of the drying process (not that I read the book, I wanna be know it all I guess). Well drying was a bad experience as I cleaned the house and left it to dry, heating on (like you do) silly me, well on my return wet feet is not the word it stank to high heaven. Learn from my mistakes, crack a window and read the books.

Without circulation the drying was longer, and the carpet dried damp leaving a deep smell, a 3 day smell, lesson learned. 


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Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Day one owning a new professional carpet cleaning machine, look it's got a built in heater, vacuums, controlled pump, waste tank, dirty water solution tank, ready to take on My House, the bees knees and all that, (I want to be a carpet cleaner yippee).

Excited and filled with training knowledge, I knew home was the place to go, did I read the manual (nope, common theme I guess) loads of chemicals, sprayers, agitation machine, carpet wand, hose, upholstery tool, stain spotters for red wine, coffee, paint and oil. carpet traffic powder, pre-sprays and some carpet cleaning rinsing agents, blimey, cost a pretty penny, where do I start. Well after throwing out the family and cleaning my house twice, (needed the practice) as I had nowhere else to clean as yet (Mum can I clean your carpet?) I turned on x2 dryers and was blown away with the results.  

Conclusion if it was that easy to get Carpet Cleaning Results there wouldn't be Carpet Cleaning Professionals, if you do a D.I.Y look up the drying process, circulation is more than important, do more dry strokes without solution than with).

Summary : Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner if it's been a while it's not as expensive as you think. 



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