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When booking carpet cleaning or a carpet cleaning services will they move my furniture? it's expected usually by the customer but the arriving contractor is into D.I.Y so you have a stand off. Why did this happens?

Just some understanding having both cleaned carpets and booked carpet cleaning. Furniture moving is not really a part of the carpet cleaning process, the liability if your wardrobe collapses or your bed leg is unstable is not fair on the carpet cleaner, insurances wont pay out for it. So what can I expect you may ask? well, within reason the carpet cleaner can move furniture like bedside units, chairs, sofa with wheels, small table and chairs etc... your TV and stand and your configured Apple TV, your fully assembled glass table, wall units, mounted to wall cabinets, wardrobes with lose wheels, piano are not really part of the carpet cleaning process, a fully assembled wood frame bed (divans are ok) isn't really something they should move with a king size mattress, if you want larger items moved please expect to pay a higher premium and request a team of two or you may need to assist. Finally if the room is full create some space so the cleaning can go smoothly and items that can moved have somewhere to go. Please note it's never a no it's just sometimes unrealistic and the carpet cleaner may have to clean round some furniture.


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