Signs that you need a carpet cleaner

Mould - Mould and damp in a carpet are a sign that your carpet needs cleaning. By leaving it the quality of air is affected for you and your family. 

Foot fall and heavy traffic - In time ground in dirt and heavy traffic can be walked or trodden into your carpets affecting the appearance and carpet pile. It is recommended to clean your carpet once per year to extend your carpets life. 

Smell - Oils, odours and carpet smell are a reason to get your carpets cleaned, whether it's from feet, pet stains or accidents consider a carpet clean if you experience a carpet smell, it's both advantageous to the air quality and carpet life span.

Allergies - If you allergies start to flare up, sneezing and coughing etc.... carpet cleaning will eliminate bacteria's and aid any internal issues. 

Moths and Insects - Moth eggs and moth larve as killed at 55c degrees, fleas are 35c degrees, it is definitely beneficial to steam clean your carpets

Multiple Stains - It is always good to stay on top of your carpet stain removal, avoid bleach vanish or kitchen products that can set the stains and call your carpet cleaner even for advise as it is better to clean than to replace.  

You’re Not Happy When a Visitors Comes - There are times when carpets can take a real going over. Stains with pets, kids paint and dyes, parties, contractors and guests can cause a lot of wear and tear. It is worth trying to stay on top of things by not leaving it to long, an annual carpet clean should be standard and by staying on top of your carpet cleaning it will impress your visitors and guests and preserve the carpet life. Some homes have a no shoes on policy for carpets which is something to consider but difficult to enforce. 

Accidents - If you have pets expect occasional accidents. Pet accidents become acidic and need a more detailed treatment and extraction. Please always disclose if you have pets, the cost is more and remember the longer you leave it the more difficult the pet stain removal.

Spillages - Coffee, Paint, Oils, Make Up, Water, Tar, blood, wax and many more can be treated and extracted by carpet cleaning, always notify the carpet cleaner if you have attempted a D.I.Y so the product used can be pre-flushed and the stain removal re-attempted.  

The stains that are the most difficult for removal are mixed Dye, Fake Tan, Turmeric and deep emulsion into the underlay also be advised a stain can be set with a bleaching products which can reduce the removal chances and in some cases it can make the stain irreversible, carpet burns cannot come out through carpet cleaning.  


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