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At MML our professional carpet cleaning will accomplish much more than a regular carpet cleaning machines will. We can eliminate stains and odours, and we’ll deep clean all the debris and particles that have been ground into your carpet over time. When we leave, your carpet will be thoroughly clean and fresh - as if it was like new again.

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 reactive carpet cleaning service

Do you need a same day CARPET CLEAN? We are a reactive carpet cleaning company and can do emergency carpet and rug cleaning. Whether you urgently need carpet cleaning services or would like to schedule it in for another day, call now or click the following button for a free quote.








professional carpet cleaning service

Our carpet cleaning services is affordable, reactive, reliable and result driven.

As a local carpet cleaning company cleaner we pride ourselves on our carpet cleaning results at a great price.

The dirt in your carpet doesn't want to be removed. It has worked its way close enough to bond with your carpet fibres. Oils have been pushed down into high traffic areas, spots have been marinating in the fibres, dust and dirt have journeyed into the depths of your carpet and they all have a stranglehold on it.

Our reactive carpet and rug cleaning solutions are designed to break that hold. Our pre-spray and agitation machine will start the process in the worst areas, loosening the dirt and grime. Then our cleaning machine and tools will do an incredible job removing debris, dirt and carpet pile, as we don’t want to miss anything, our residential carpet steam cleaning technician always goes over the carpet twice, that way they know that every side of the fibre has been thoroughly scrubbed and washed. Properly maintaining your carpet will make it more attractive, help it to last longer and rid it of harmful pollutants. If you're in need of a carpet cleaner in Wimbledon, Kingston or anywhere else that we cover, please see our price list at the bottom of the page or complete a quotation form and we'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.


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We use the best equipment that will leave your carpet thoroughly dry in just hours without leaving any sticky residue behind like many other carpet or rug cleaning methods are known to do. We are dedicated to creating a healthier environment and improving the quality of life for our clients and their families by getting deep down into carpet fibers to eliminate dirt and grime. Whether you need a carpet steam clean, carpet stain removal or end of tenancy carpet clean, we'll make sure to leave your carpet looking like new again.



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best home carpet cleaner 

If you smoke or have children and pets, you may need carpet steam cleaning more often as cigarette smoke, food and drink spills, and human and pet hair can all get absorbed into your carpet. Occasionally, this debris trapped in your carpet can even affect your air quality. Our professional carpet cleaner is trained and primed so no matter how much dirt your kids track through your home, we’ll leave it looking and feeling much fresher, please ensure you disclose if you have pets as the cleaning process will vary.

Carpet steam cleaning  

Our modern and advanced equipment provides the best carpet steam cleaning and ensures great results in lifting even the most stubborn of dirt, stains and odours from your precious home's carpets and rugs. With the help of power wands, rotary systems and a variety of carpet steam cleaning hand tools along with powerful cleaning agents, we can suck debris from the core of your carpets to restore them to their original state. See our reviews to see what our customers think of our carpet cleaning service.


Our Carpet Cleaning Process Works Wonders

    Initial Hoover

This step removes loose dirt particles as well as any gravel/sand that has been tracked into the home.

It also fluffs the carpet fibres, loosening dirt from deep within. This will make the overall carpet washing task more effective since it will be able to clean more deeply.

    Carpet Stain Removal

Our technicians are fully trained and equipped with the most effective up to date chemicals available today. Our pet friendly solutions and sanitisers help with those unexpected pet accidents that occur from time to time.

There is not a one chemical to remove all stains. Each carpet stain must be assessed and individually treated.


    Agitate and Groom

After applying a pet friendly pre-spray to your carpet our professional carpet cleaner utilises a carpet groomer or rotary brush to aid the pre-spray’s work, allowing it to penetrate and to further loosen the soil deep within the carpet, this will help the hot water extraction and give you the best results.

    Carpet shampooer

Your carpet is washed with our carpet steam cleaner and is then thoroughly rinsed with our hot water extraction cleaning system, our technician will choose the correct cleaning system for your carpet clean, so whether it is a wand, a hand tool or a rotary system the extraction will restore your carpet giving it a fresh look and feel. It will not over-wet the carpet or leave a sticky residue behind.

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 Top rated carpet cleaners 

Our carpet cleaner will use expertise and cleaning skills along with advanced technology to provide you with the best results. We also respect all your carpet manufacturer’s instructions and work according to them. Our equipment not only deep cleans but it will smoothly extract all the hidden dirt and contaminants.



Why you should let us be your carpet cleaner?

carpet cleaning results

We are in the results cleaning business. Our aim is not only to meet but to exceed your expectations in the cleaning of your carpets but to aid the long term upkeep. If you need a last minute emergency carpet cleaner contact us now! 

affordable carpet cleaning

We are an affordable carpet cleaning company, and provide fantastic cost to results ratio. We come equipped and ready to deep carpet clean and tackle the oils, stains and soil embedded in your carpets. Looking for carpet cleaners near me? Choose MML for a great price and excellent results and a fantastic clean.   

local carpet cleaners

Our technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. We care about the work we are doing, and we highly value our customers and work with your satisfaction in mind, we are local and go the extra mile .   


carpet steam cleaner

We enjoy deep cleaning and are reactive meaning we are happy to cover short notice bookings or sudden cancellations. We are familiar with end of tenancy carpet cleaning and the panic of the next day inventory clerks. Choose MML Carpet Cleaning to win over your landlord, remove stains, destroy odours and restore your carpet



how to clean carpet

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile. If we see something additional that requires doing our mindset is, why not. If there is an additional request within reason, again, let's get it done. Short notice diary change? Let's fit you in. What makes us different is we think 'solution' rather than 'obstacle'.


carpet cleaner hire

We want you to have a great customer experience and to see you again. We would love to know your opinion of how the carpet cleaning rental went. Please feel free to provide us your review on our Reviews page





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Being CHAS accredited we carry out and document a health and safety assessment through a risk assessments and method statements for our property visits. Our technicians and risk obstacles are thought out to ensure property safety and provide peace of mind that accidents are less likely to happen.

Through TrustATrader we have undergone rigorous checks to meet with industry standards. We have public liability insurance and all technicians are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) Police checked.

The goal and mindset of our technicians is customer satisfaction all the way. We want to keep you happy while exceeding your expectations. 


Wimbledon Carpet Cleaner CHAS Accredited | trust a trader carpet cleaner south london

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Professional carpet cleaning

Offering you great results with great costs, we will exceed your expectations. Our technicians utilise advanced equipment to revive your dirty rugs and carpets. Our competitive pricing, knowledgeable and friendly technicians and amazing carpet and rug cleaning results are sure to win you over! Try us once and you'll be a customer for life.     Price list       

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Your sofas, arm or bucket chairs can collect dirt, stains, pet odours and other grime over time. Some clients think the only option is to replace their furniture. MML will attend and use our specialist equipment and knowledge to restore your upholstery.